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At Dailygurus, we’re not just cultivating greens; we’re cultivating positive change. Our farming project extends beyond delivering fresh produce; it’s a commitment to empower rural women. Partnering with farmers in Thiruvallur, Redhills, Paakam, Pattabiram, we’ve created a sustainable model where greens are processed and packed near the farmlands by the skilled women of the region. Your investment doesn’t just support agriculture; it contributes to the consistent employment and empowerment of rural women.

Why Invest in Dailygurus Farming Project?

Blockchain Traceability

    • Transparency is key! Our blockchain-based traceability solution allows customers to track the journey of their produce.
    • Build consumer trust and satisfaction with our state-of-the-art traceability system.

Extended Shelf Life with Innovative Packaging

    • Our packaging isn’t just about freshness; it’s about reducing waste and increasing marketability.
    • Greens and veggies stay fresh longer, eliminating the need for immediate refrigeration.

Swift Farm-to-Table Delivery

    • Partnering with farmers in rural areas within 30 to 50 km from Chennai, we guarantee delivery to retail stores in Chennai within 2 to 3 hours.
    • Experience the efficiency of our supply chain – delivering the freshest produce to consumers’ tables within 4 hours of harvest.

Empowering Rural Women

    • Our innovative model ensures consistent employment for women in rural areas.
    • By processing and packing greens near the farmlands, we’re creating opportunities and empowering the women of the region.

Investment Returns: Grow with Purpose

Explore the potential returns on your investment in Dailygurus farming project:
Duration of InvestmentExpected Avg Annual ROI
1.5 Year11%
2.5 Years15%
3.5 Years20%

Payout : Every 3 Months

Please click  here to view an illustrative example showcasing the return on investment (ROI) for your consideration as a potential investor.


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Invest with a purpose – invest in empowerment. Join Dailygurus in revolutionizing the agricultural industry while supporting the consistent employment and empowerment of rural women.

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